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Semi automatic high speed stitcher carton machine single piece type
Semi automatic high speed stitcher carton machine single piece type

Semi automatic high speed stitcher carton machine single piece type

The distance of Nails from 20 to 120 mm, from automatic computing, the motor control is from Japan imported servo motor.

★ Yaskawa Japan imported dual-servo-driven,accurately precision, mechanical transmission are decreased, which can effectively reduce the mechanical failure rate.


★ Wei Lun touch screen operation, the parameter ( nail distance, nail number, nail types, tail gate) change conveniently.


★ The whole control system uses Omron PLC control system.


★ Electric control the tail gate, the use of stepper motor-driven, size accurate , size-changing is more convenient.


★ Keys control box uses the Siemens brand.


★ photoelectric and proximity switches is Schneider brand.


★ The under mold, blades is tungsten steel made in Japan (wearable)


★ entire nail heads group made of special steel , computer gong is precision making.


★ can nail single nail (/)Dual nail(/ /) strengthen nails (/ / / / / / two side are Dual nail, the middle part are single nail) once completed, can fit different customer requirements of different kinds of nails.


★ changing carton size and adjusting nails can be completed just one minute, saving time and easy operation.


★ can nail box with or without lid (with or without lid box should be informed to maker before machine making).


★ Department of automatic counting , feed units equipped with photoelectric sensors, when feeding, table automatically rise.


★ rear section with automatic counting function, the number of finished carton can be set (1-99) and transport to the machinery end, convenient for bundled package.


★ Mechanical speed: 500 nails / min


★ nails from :30-120mm (adjustable)


★ table lift Height :: 900mm


★ machine size: Host 2.8x2.7x2 m


★ Weight: 2000kg.

Max.(L+W)x22460mmLength of machine2800mm
Min.(L+W)x2606mmWidth of machine2600mm
Min.(W+H)x2400mmSpeed500 stitches/min
Hight of feeder900mmStitching distance30-60mm
Power6HPNails NO.1-99 nails

semi automatic High speed carton stitcher machine


01servo motor headYaskawaJapan
02servo motor feedYaskawaJapan
04contactor relaySiemensGermany
06Reducerreal reputationHangzhou2
07photoelectric proximity switchSchneiderFrance
08touch screenWei LunTaiwan
09circuit breakerSchneiderFrance
10universal jointzhuyuTaiwan
12the whole set of Stud
made of tungsten alloy steelresistant to wear
14the under mold
making tungsten alloy steelcorrosion-resistant
15cylindersolenoid valveAIRTACTaiwan