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Printing production failures and solution

Oct 16, 201917:11:14

In order to print the production process in the machine correctly repair the fault, you must first have on the latent variable - that occur in the production process change - the full knowledge. At least 50 known variables affect the garment printing production process, and will affect almost every variable in the final print quality.

Repair garment printing faults in the production process is so complex, one of the biggest reason to blame the reality - we have no survival standards. In addition to technical publications, product suppliers and the limited information provided, the printing business to fend for themselves to improve the production process, and learn what is an effective way.

In machine production, maintenance failures first step is to enhance the production run to determine certain things from the beginning have changed capabilities. Unloading through the printing machine dryer parts location and place the end of the trial has been recognized Indian sample, the actual printed materials by comparison with the sample can immediately find fault.

Troubleshooting of wire tension

Printing machine can change all the variables and cause problems, those associated with the screen is always the greatest trouble. During printing, you changed the screen, printed materials will also change accordingly.

Wire tension is the biggest concern you need variables. Production process, when the tension wire fell, it will have the following questions:

1)screen tension decreased, larger squeegee push pull, dot gain, resulting in color offset printing process occurs.

2)screen tension decline, causing reduced ability to screen cut, resulting in insufficient force ink coverage.

3)screen tension decreased, the resistance becomes smaller squeegee, scraping and India will be the end of the image cast a shadow.

4)screen register instability causes problems.

Monochrome printing, the tension of the minor changes to the printing quality is very small. However, in multi-color (color printing) printing, the colors offset printing is easy to find wire tension changes. Compensation as a low tension, you must increase the pressure squeegee, and (or) increases from the version space. Or, you can try to repeat the stretching through the use of network box, stable wire tension, pre-empt problems.

Discovery and maintenance of Moire

Color Printing operations, moire appearance is always one of the most frustrating. Moire appears in three forms:

The first turtle pattern: two or more halftone pattern image shown in the sun, they will lead to a conflict between the moire.

The second turtle pattern: the number of lines produced in the image and the conflict between the screening point.

The third Moire: Moire this can easily be found, it appeared on the Internet produced in silk and clothing patterns and weaving patterns on the conflict.

Before exposure in the screen positive images of simple detection methods, the first category were found more easily tortoises. If you line up the positives and found you expect any different from the color patterns on the type, you will immediately know that they do not want the pattern will be copied to the wire-line, and will therefore appear in the clothing on.

Many printing workshop through the use of the correct tension and net mesh screen, almost completely eliminate the second Moire. If you have the right angle, respectively, screening, production color version, and use the appropriate screen and correct (and stability) of the screen tension, in fact, second moire problems will print from your clothing production disappeared.

The third category is the production of moire the most common and most difficult to find. If you missed the production process in the management of the first and second Moire, then it is even more so. Moire in the machine the first aspect to consider is the irregular pattern of repetitive. If the pattern from one printing to another printing station platen plate consistency, then, most may have is due to screen and (or) color version of the reasons causing the problem. If the board from a printing station to another printing plate platen pattern changes, then this result can be very fabric weaving and the printing color version of screening caused by the conflict between the angle. It is assumed that: is the level of printing platen, and the screen in parallel with the printing platen.

From this point of speaking, the variables include the number of lines of the design work, screen angle, and clothing woven method. If you are already aware of Color Printing manufacturing operation in front of several variables, now, your best approach is to look at quality or other higher pin count fabric clothing, in order to solve this problem.

To choose the right fabric Color Printing is important because many of the available number of fabric structure. High pin count (1000 / inches or more) of fabric production in the Color Printing perform better, because the surface characteristics of fabric printing, so printing network or lines by adding the least impact.

Register problem

For the printing business, the printing job registering also common problems impeding productivity. When an overlay are not allowed, there may be too much pressure because the squeegee, and (or) wire tension is too low.

The solution is to maximize the wire tension, minimize the gap from the edition, as well as minimize the squeegee pressure. When used in the automatic printing machine wooden screen frame, this situation is very common. Wooden screen frame stable in size, so the only support given to the smallest screen. The resulting low-tension situation, the need for greater ink squeegee pressure can push through the screen.

Register changes also arise from many reasons, including failing to maintain the level of platen printing, screen is not parallel with the platen, printing machine displacements.