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Full automatic Top plater pallet wrapping machine 1650F-CS pneumatic Type
1.Machine introduction
Fit motorised top plate based on T1650F. This machine is widely suitable for tall and unstable good, top plate provides a press to the top of load and ensure it safety packing. This machine is widely suitable for tall unstable good, top plate provides a press to the top of load and ensure it safety packing
2.Technicial parameter
Wrapping size(L*W)
Packing Height 
Turntable diameter
Turntable Height
85 mm
Turntable weight capacity
Turntable speed
Top pressure
20 kg
380V 50HZ
Machine dimensions (mm)
Packing efficiency 
20-40 loads/hour base on load
Top Plate Device
Adopt Pneumatic Direct Transmit Orbit Top Plate
Penumatic Systerm Pressure(mpa)
Penumatic Systerm Consumption
Machine weight
3、Material usage:
Machine is using a standard type of stretch film packaging material for creating a hard to tear,resistance,waterproof cover over the baggage.Thefilmisrecyclable.Specification:width:500mm,thickness:20-25 microns,length:1500meters,weight: max:16kg,stretchable,one side sticky,transparent or colored.
4.Function of the machine:
1.Control System
   PLC control
Photo-eye auto-height sensing pallet height  
Separate top ,bottom & up-down Wrap Counter options
Overwrap time is up to create an overwrap
Reinforce wrap times is set to better secure 2 loads placed on top of each other
Film Tension Control adjustment on the panel
Separate start, pause and emergency stop buttons
Power indicator
Manual carriage up/down
Variable Turntable Speed
Carriage up/down speed control
Manual/automatic exchangeable
1650mm Diameter Structural steel plate
85mm Height floor to top of turntable
3.Turntable drive
0-12rpm variable turntable speed by frequency changer
Position turntable alignment
Soft start
4.Film carriage
Powered pre-stretch system up to 250% to min film consumption
Film delivery variable speed by separate DC Drive Motor
Electronic film tension control adjustment on panel
Film dancer-bar with variable speed output
5.The main electrical configuration
    Programmable controller (PLC)      omron
     Frequency converter (2)                   omron
     Solid state relays (SCR)                  AIKS
     Relay                                                   omron
     Photoelectric switch                         omron
     Limit switches (2)                             omron
     Close to switch (2)                           omron
     Chassis reduction motor cuhk     (0.75 kw)
     Film frame lift reducer HuWei      (0.4 kw)
     Film feeding motor                         (0.37 kw)
6. Film carriage Drive
Heavy duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety
Film carriage variable speed by frequency changer