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rotary slotting die cutting forming machine

This machine is the main process in the carton production, can make cardboard separating rolling, grooving, corner cutting, punching in one time (except abnormal shape carton and paper box)

  This machine use import arc-shaped good blades (rotary machine using jagged blade ), import die cutting blade rubber cushion (rotary machine using rubber cushion), can cut the cardboard smooth, realizing corner cutting, slotting with no deckle edge and burr.

  Its characteristics is: Die cutting rubber cushion roller left and right automatic moving in working time, rotary die cutting automatic station changing, make incision blades station no repeat, prolong the rubber cushion using life.

  This machine mainly improve the products quality , can compare with creasing cutting machine and rotary die cutter machine, but can save much wooden dies expenses, more improved safety coefficient.

  This machine us spray lubrication, can lubricate any transmission gears.

  This die cutting slotting machine is same easy operation to original slotting machine.

this slotting machine
1: Semi-automatic chain feeder, side baffle fix position.
2: Finish slicing, pressing, slotting ,corner cutting in once.
3: Double worm phase 360degrees adjustment.
4: Synchronous adjusting carton height.
5: Helical gear transmission, use oil immersed type lubrication.
1: Electric planet transmission, adjusting phase.
2: Slotting tool apron and creasing wheel synchronous adjusting.
3: Hole & handle attachment.
Main technical parameter:

Parameter name Unit Model size
K1570×2200 K1570×2600
Economic speed Pieces/min 50
Max. feeding size mm 1500×2300 1500×2700
Max. printing size mm 400×700
Slotting width mm 7
Fitting cardboard thickness   3,5,7 Ply
Parameter name Unit Model size
K1470×2200 K1470×2600 K1370×2200 K1370×2600
Economic speed Pieces/min 50
Max. feeding size mm 1400×2300 1400×2700 1300×2300 1300×2700
Max. printing size mm 350×650
Slotting width mm 7
Fitting cardboard thickness   3,5,7 Ply