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Semi-automatic Folder Gluer 1800

The Folder Gluer of the JWD series mainly is apply in colourful print the cardboard box, the paper box of pack the business enterprise to glue to match the work preface.Because currently the local overwhelming majority packing business enterprise in the guler of the complicated and special paper box and the tile cardboard box synthesizes a work prefaceses to all use the pure handicraft, this cause the guler box model the work preface in the whole business enterprise, particularly is the tile corrugated paper box produces to become using the person most and cover in the business enterprise biggest, the efficiency is lowest, also easy quantity problem of work preface, bring many troubles for the production control of the business enterprise.This machine is my factory to pack the business enterprise this problem but developments to the labor force intensive nation and regions of, use this machine and can make the business enterprise reduce the dependence to a great deal of well-trained worker of gluer box, economical work place, raised the work efficiency and the product quantities consumedly again, can say Kingvida the automatic machine of gluer box of half to is essential weapon that the paper article packs the business enterprise.
Parts Introduction:

Burnishing Unit :The burnishing wheel is adopted for its super hardness and long life. The speed burnishing-wheel guarantees pretty sheet edge. The dust collector absorbs all paper rags, which ensures the clean working environment.

Glue-spraying Unit : Imported glue-spraying head have the characters of long life and easy maintain. The control system designed by computer guarantees the accurate spraying even if the machine runs at high speed.

Feeding Unit :Imported conveyer belt ensures high speed and smooth feeding.Unique side lay and belt-tensioning device can accomplish quick adjustment of the different size sheet.

Electrical Control Unit:Imported reduction motor is used on this unit. All kinds of electrical units are imported, which ensures the trouble-free operation.

Glue Application Unit :The gluing-tub made of stainless steel has good corrosive resistance. The glue-wheel series can process all kinds of boxes.

Compress-stacking Unit :The angle of pressure plate is adjustable, which ensure good effect of all kinds of boxes.The pressure can be adjusted. The compress-stacking operation is controlled by hand value, easy and simple.

Main Specifications